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4 Methods for Removing Scars

Scars are notoriously hard to remove, especially with home remedies. However, the latest discoveries in dermatology have made it easier for specialists to remove scars of all sizes.

Scars occur as a consequence of the healing process. Your skin produces more collagen to repair the skin. The faster the wound heals, the smaller the scar.

Not all scars are created equal. The different types of scars include the following:

Atrophic scars often occur in people suffering from acne. They’re characterized by loss of tissue, and they look indented. 

Hypertrophic scars are dark and raised, and they often develop as a result of trauma or injury. 

Keloid scars are thick and raised, and they have a puffy appearance that extends beyond the injured area.  

Do you have a scar that bothers you? If so, read on. We asked our specialist, Dr. D. Jonathan Bernardini, about scar removal options.


Dermabrasion involves the removal of the top skin layer with the purpose of revealing a smoother, healthier skin layer. 

The procedure is best suited for individuals with fair skin, as it can cause discolorations in people with a darker complexion. Dermabrasion can remove superficial scars entirely, and it can make deeper scars less noticeable. 

Steroid injections 

Steroid injections are helpful against keloid and hypertrophic scars. Once the solution is injected into the scar, it breaks the collagen bonds, reducing the size of the scar. 

Steroids also have anti-inflammatory properties that improve the appearance of red and swollen scars.

Laser treatment

If your main issue is old, red, or discolored scars, laser treatments can be of help. The laser energy causes blood vessels in the scar tissues to break down. With enough sessions, the color of the scar can become closer to that of the surrounding skin. 

Laser treatments work best on post-inflammatory pigmentation due to acne, stretch marks, injury, and surgery.

Surgical removal

Scar reduction surgery is available for scars that don’t respond to conservative treatments. Big keloid scars are often the reason why many people seek scar reduction, as keloids can also restrict movement. 

The surgery for removing scars is minor, and it’s often done with a local anesthetic. 

Remove your scar with us in Parker, Colorado

Do you want to determine the best treatment course for diminishing the appearance of your scars? Contact us to schedule an appointment. Dr. Bernardini is more than happy to counsel you on what can be done to achieve your cosmetic goals.

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