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Excessive Sweating

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If you suffer from excessive sweating and feel embarrassed by it, simple solutions can give you a better quality of life. D. Jonathan Bernardini, MD, and his team offer numerous treatments for excessive sweating at New Age Aesthetics & Wellness in Parker, Colorado, to reduce symptoms and help you gain confidence. Call the office to learn more or schedule an appointment online today.

Excessive Sweating Q & A

What is excessive sweating?

Sweating every now and then, especially during exercise, is healthy because it’s your body’s way to cool down. However, excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, isn’t always related to exercise or being in hot weather. It can embarrass you and feel debilitating in some cases. Treatment can reduce excessive sweating and give you a better quality of life.


What are the symptoms of excessive sweating?

Some common symptoms of hyperhidrosis include:

  • Sweat that soaks through your clothes
  • Sweating that drips off your face or hands
  • Heavy sweating that disrupts normal activities
  • Social anxiety or embarrassment about sweating
  • Sweating more than most other people
  • Night sweats for no apparent reason

If sweating interferes with your daily routine or social life, Dr. Bernardini and his team offer several solutions that can reduce your symptoms.


What are the risk factors for excessive sweating?

Excessive sweating is often genetic, as it tends to run in families. Hyperhidrosis can also occur because of a medical condition, such as menopause, diabetes, thyroid problems, low blood sugar, infections, nervous system problems, a heart attack, and some types of cancer. Opioid withdrawal and taking certain medications can also cause heavy sweating.


How does my provider diagnose excessive sweating?

Dr. Bernardini can diagnose hyperhidrosis after reviewing your symptoms and medical history. He might complete a physical examination and may recommend lab tests or sweat tests to diagnose your condition or underlying medical problems related to excessive sweating.


What are my excessive sweating treatment options?

If excessive sweating diminishes your quality of life, Dr. Bernardini and his team might recommend the following treatments:


Antiperspirant changes

If you have minor hyperhidrosis, using a special type of antiperspirant may help reduce sweating.


Taking oral medications or using prescription creams can reduce excessive sweating in specific areas of your body.


Botox® and other botulinum toxin injections can temporarily block nerves responsible for sweating. Dr. Bernardini can numb the area prior to your injections, so you don’t feel any discomfort. The results often last 6-12 months before repeat injections are needed.

Microneedling Treatments 

With the Morpheus8 microneedling tip, Dr. Bernardini can deliver thermal (heat) damage under the skin to reduce the underarm sweat glands in just a single session! Multiple treatments can optimize your results.

Surgical procedures

In severe cases of hyperhidrosis, Dr. Bernardini can perform a minor surgical procedure to remove or destroy sweat glands or nerves responsible for excessive sweating.


Don’t live with embarrassing excessive sweating. Schedule an appointment with New Age Aesthetics & Wellness by phone or online today.

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